I saw a many questions, about activation of included plugins, such is a revolution slider, visual composer, essential grid and more,  i decided t create this topic regarding this question

shortly – unfortunately, you can’t activate those included plugins by the theme purchase key, but this is absolutely not a problem, why?

A. You will get update along with the theme update, we will test new version of the plugin and if everything i safe we will include it in the theme update,
B. You can use those plugins without any restriction, all functions is enabled and you will not have any problem with it
C. this is normal process, all theme authors who includes plugins in their themes they do the same, so far there is no other way
D. if after update of the plugin you still have not latest version of the plugin this means yet we have not tested latest version or it was released after our theme update and you should wait for next theme update
E. Anyway if you want to have activate plugin in your dashboard you can buy them from Code canyon

so, we see this is not the end of the world ?

Probably this is the most answered question during my support carrier :)