Muashi, also known as the Alps of Switzerland located 1300 meters above sea level in the municipality of Lentekhi. The resort is known for its beautiful surroundings. Wide fields, trees, magnificent mountain vistas, and small, wooded cottages make for an ideal combination for individuals who enjoy relaxing in nature. Muashi is a spa and wellness center. It is characterized by a wet climate. Summer is long-term and cool, while winter is bitterly frigid. Carbon dioxide, lithium bicarbonate, and calcium-sodium mineral water, which is utilized for both drinking and bathing, are the key spa and mineral factors. Muashi is a beautiful spot to relax in the tranquility of nature while also receiving medical treatment.

From Muashi you can reach Lechkumi by crossing Jvari pass, which is located 5-6 KM away from the Muashi, this road requires a good 4*4 car with high clearance, this is also a nice hiking track for moderate hikers. Jvari pass has a fantastic view of the Lentekhi region and upper Svaneti mountains.

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